English Literature XIX century


7 thoughts on “English Literature XIX century

  1. Hello everybody!
    I have not done the presentatios yet, so I’m quite nervous about it; but anyway, I just wanted to say that this course has taught me not only theoretical knowledge about english literature and his history, but also how to do an exam in english or how to work in a team and do a paper (procedures). I think the most important thing that I have learnt, is knowing that I am able to do it, because last year I couldn’t imagine that I would be able to write an exam or follow a lesson in english, so this aspect has been really important to me.

  2. Hi!!!!

    Well I think this class was one of the best I had this year but we waste a lot of time

    with the “mla”, I think Asun should gave us some copies with the most important points

    and that’s all. I think I’ve heard Asun’s explanation about the mla 4 or 5 times in

    class and that was quite boring.




    I still can’t believe that here is a picture of my group and me…

  3. Being already a veterinary who is studing a second degree, I have quite a lot of subjects and courses to compare with Asun’s classes.

    First, even if the literature course has nothing to do with medical sciences, teaching methods are always the same, and it seems that Asun’s method is one of the most participative and captivating I have seen. I have had a few awful teachers in my previous degree, and very good ones, and if I had had Asun in veterinary, I am pretty sure that I would never forget her subject.

    Secondly, I find the selection of novels for the course too limited in certain periods, I’d rather offer more novels to choose, since some periods were limited to two options such as romanticism, victorian and post-victorian. I know it’s a general course, but it would be just better to hear abour one or two authors more in each period. At least I would include in the victorian period one or two more of Dickens’s novels such as Great Expectations or Oliver Twist. In the romantics Ivanhoe by Scott besides Waverley and maybe Barry Lindon too in victorians with Thackeray. In the women writers I’d add Sense and Sensibility as an alternative too. Having some more novels to choose would surely result in more different papers combining them in different ways.

    Thirdly, I’d love people ‘tried’ to speak English in class, some don’t even try. You’ll never learn to speak it well if you don’t practise, and every tiny bit of English you use in class makes it better as time goes by. I appreciate the effort Asun does teaching in English, since other teachers do it in Spanish directly and they don’t care about ‘our’ English. When one listens to the presentation, one can tell apart the persons whose English level was already good and the persons who have spoken English in class or not. It is a very good idea to make all exercises, papers and presentation in English, it helps people improve their English.

    And last, but not least, I am sorry for those who came today to listen to our exposition, because we had a shortage of time. I hope you will like much better when the video is released and you see the “deleted scenes”. It is a nuisance you could’t hear part of Susana’s work, she swells. ūüėČ

  4. I agree with Trish, maybe the worst part of this course was the amount of times Asun explained the way we should quote and such things, maybe a handout with the most important points would be sufficient. And also when Asun told us the plots of the books and suddenly she (or the ones who had already read it) told the end of it or gave enough information as to make the rest of your reading nearly useless -or, at least, boring!
    My experience working in group wasn’t really the best part of the course, but I still find it interesting to know how to work in groups, i.e. what you can ask people to do depending on our different skills.

    What I liked the most was the fact that we could choose which book we wanted to read from each period; but also we got to know what the other ones talk about (just some clues, not the whole story). And obviously the amount of different information that we got, about different motifs, symbols, way of living etc. That was especially interesting.

    In general, it was maybe the most pleasant class to attend to this year, and the one that gave knowledge not only for the subject itself but useful things that will help us throughout our studies at university.

  5. Hello dear Asun and classmates!!!
    Well, I just want to express my satisfaction with this first university year and especially with this subject. Actually, I think that all of us have learned a lot and made a great advance in english thank’s to the literature.
    At the beginning of this course I was really frightened of speaking in english and reading the first hand novels of historical authors, because I have thought that I won’t be able to understand them. But now these fears are in the past, because facing up to our difficulties we get over them.
    Finally, I would like to say that I think that we have improved a lot our knowledge of this language and to wish everybody good luck with the june exams.
    Best wishes,

  6. Hello everyone on this block,

    I also would like to express my satisfaction about this subject,and give many thanks to Asun for this year. Surely I can say that it was the best organized subject in this course and I learnt the most. All the books what I read (and after the exams I am planing to read the rest of them) gave me new point of view on different things, gave me new vocabulary and new themes to talk about with other friends from the others universities. When I meet with them in my free time, we always share our experiences and I have to say that I always mention them exactly this class.
    All what we had to prepare(our writings, presentation, readings) of course often cost me my nerves and many times I didn`t know what I should talk about, but when I finished the work,I always had this great feeling that: YEAH, I DID IT!!!
    I believe that next year we will continue with similar study technics and we will profound our knowledges with the profesors similar to Asun.

    Thanks and Good Luck with the exams.

  7. Hello!
    First I want to say that I’m amazed with this course, last year I didn’t like literatury at all I thought that was boring or too difficult. But this year I’ve learned to appreciate it and that’s thanks to the way how the teachers have faced up the course. I’ve learned that literatury is a way to express the culture of each epoch and of course of entertainment.
    I think, that the worst thing of this course was the hour of my class, at 8:30, it’s to early!! hehe, but that is not a problem. And the best thing, was as I’ve said the way how Asun has faced up the course and the closeness of her.
    Well, and of coure I want to wish good luck to everybody for the exams and have a great summer!

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